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institute you >> are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at noon own. -- this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. taliban is claiming responsibility for the latest deadly attack on forces in afghanistan. richard engel is in afghanistan with the latest. >> military sources say that three american soldiers were killed earlier today while on foot patrol with afghan police. they were approached by a taliban suicide bomber who was also on foot. the suicide bomber detonated an explosive best, killing three americans and four policemen and several afghan civilians. >> i heard an explosion nearby and came to the scene. >> this after word came yesterday that another american soldier was killed. this time he was shot by an infighter attack. an afghan soldier who approached a group of american troops who were manning of vehicle control plan and open fire on them. an american contractor was also killed in that attack. >> more deaths reported across syria as the fighting continues in the country. this as rebels launched a massive
>> you are watching wbal tv 11. blog, local, late breaking, this is tv 11 news said news them a local activists called for the jobs of three baltimore city police officers who they say murdered a suspect in their custody. police encountered anthony anderson on a vacant lot making a drug deal. the three officers said he tried to swallow the drugs when they moved in to arrest him. the medical examiner's report listed his death as a homicide by blunt force trauma and his family wants justice. >> he was handcuffed and suffering and he died. we want these officers fired. we want them arrested and we want them convicted. if it was a normal citizen that committed homicide, they would be behind bars. >> the head of the police union says anderson's injuries are consistent with a standard take down maneuver used to arrest a suspect who may be armed. the officers involved have been suspended. baltimore city police tell 17- year-old student is now charged as an adult. officers arrested the boy thursday after he reportedly stabbed another star -- student during a monday morning fight. the
institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal tv-11 news at noon. >> it is postseason magic 15 years in the making. buckle up, orioles fans, the playoff drought ends tonight. the birds are our big story this hour. they are in arlington, texas right now, gearing up to play the one and done wild-card game. this veteran is one of only three players with postseason experience. yu darvish will start for texas. he has yet to pitch against the orioles. chris davis says he will spend the last few hours before the game learning has much as he can about darvish. >> we have not seen him this year. we know his reputation. we are going to go out there and learn as much as we can about him. >> he throws cutters, sliders, if curveballs. >> first pitch is tonight at 8:37. jennifer tells us have the uncertainty of the one game playoff is creating a conundrum for local businesses. >> baltimore waiting to see if they can beat texas in texas and then come back to take on the yankees. in the meantime, businesses are finding themselves in the classic hurry up and wait s
institute >> are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am lisa robinson. a two-alarm fire rages through the south baltimore rowhome, sending six people to the hospital. kim dacey brought you this story is breaking news today bridge she brings us the latest. >> the fire started about 9 3:45 this morning and sent smoke and flames shooting into the air like nothing people in this neighborhood have ever seen. >> by the time i will, the house was fully engulfed. i saw the flames just shooting from the roof. >> wave after wave of a fire engines coming. i saw the plume of smoke. >> neighbors at the 1200 block of battery avenue woke to commotion. fire ripped through a three- story row home. fire officials said the blaze started on the first floor and spread up and over to the row homes on either side. luckily, no one was seriously injured five escaped from the home on fire. >> an elderly couple, two children, and an adult man. they were treated for mild smoke inhalation. >> the son of a couple in the home got a frantic phone
>> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. our big story, even with the on their fans were feet cheering on their home team. things were exciting up until the ninth when russell martin opened things up for the orioles. he led off the inning with a home run in. new york would go on to score five runs in the last inning. were certainly disappointed after the loss, but they did not lose their pride. >> it was certainly upsetting, but i still have faith. my model is it is never easy -- moto is, it is never easy. >> we have two more to go at least. we will come back and give it our best. >> they take on the gis to night. be sure to tune in at 6:00 for life, a team coverage. local businesses are making big bucks off of the o's win. a new sportswear shop work all night to print them and get them on the racks for eager fans. restaurants are hosting watch parties for vans that could not make it to the ballpark. for businesses cashing in opening day all over again. >> opening day is pretty large, needless to say, and we're ho
>> you are watching wbal tv 11. >> live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon, and welcome to 11 news at noon. i am sarah caldwell. focusing on the finish. one after the final debate, president obama and that romney are making their final pleas to those in swing states. daniel has more from washington. >> after a late night in florida, mitt romney was at the airport early. heading straight for nevada, a swing state that could be leading towards president obama. obama state and florida, also swing state, turning his attention away from last night 'foreign policys debate to hear at,. >> i laid out a plan for jobs and middle class security. unlike mitt romney, i am actually proud to talk about what is in it. >> spoke about the plan and a 20 page booklet just released along with a new tv advertisement. >> read my plan, compared to governor romney's and decide which is better for you. >> the latest from the ad is focusing on last night tiered >> he said america had dictated other nations. america has not dictated other nations. we have it freed other natio
, local, late breaking. this is the news at noon. >> good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to 11 news at noon. i'm jennifer franciotti in for sarah caldwell. >> when will we see the storm along the east coast in our area? john, we are interested in what you have to say. >> that is right, the whole key is where this track is and models and how this is going to behave. i will let this spaghetti chart drawn out for you. there are a variety of solutions as to where the storm may wind up. the consensus seems to be somewhere along the coast or in new york city or something. we will use these various models to try to get an idea of where it is going to go. the present thought is that there are predominant models out there. there is the cgs model and then the high resolution model. the european model has been the most consistent and that puts it in ocean city monday afternoon. the other model put it in new york city tuesday afternoon. a big difference between those two models. and then another model puts it monday evening near providence, rhode island. those dots that are happening there are
institute live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal tv-11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. our big story, the orioles postseason push hits a bump in the road. while the orioles are in the playoffs, the chances of a division title is now an uphill battle. they trailed 9-1 in the ninth when chris davis hit a homerun. the orioles could not complete the come out, losing 5-3. they are still thrilled the 14- year playoff drought is over. you can share your spirit to night at power plant life. there is a rally scheduled from 6:00-8:00. despite a solid team on the field, some fans crowded the return -- credit to the return of the bird for bringing back the magic. >> absolutely it is the bird. absolutely, and this is what brought it back. >> i have never stopped, never stopped. i got laughed at and now people in my work say hey, the orioles are doing great. >> orioles a a chances of winning the series are 14-1 according to oddsmakers, compared to 150-one of the start of the season. the orioles are one game behind the yankees in the a.l. east, but if they and the series tied, there
glasses, and arrived in court. it is actually a local theater being used for the hearing to accommodate the crowds from several nations -- survivors, families of the the the two who did not make it. some said that they just wanted to look the captain added at. -- the captain in the eye. also here, lawyers representing hundreds of passengers. >> he did not seem very remorseful or sorry about what has happened on the ship could he seemed very confident. >> just as we have seen some of the panic on board, people scrambling for lifeboats and jumping into the water after the ship struck rock to close to the island, now we hear that the the's black box captured capt. ordering be shipped to be turned abruptly. >> they claim to the whole thing on schettino and called his suggestion that there might of been a mechanical failure a colossal absurdity. lawsuits allege other things, like not enough crew training and language barriers. someone else's suing the company now -- schettino. he wants his job back, alleging wrongful termination. >> very interesting turn of events there. the other medication
>> live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell, a big story, the orioles and new york for game 3 of the divisional series against the new york yankees. now that the orioles tied things up at one-one, they need two more wins to get out of the bronx with a when. there will be at least two more games between the orioles and yankees. game three begins at 7:37 tonight. the winner has two chances to win an advance to the alcs, by the winner, we mean the orioles of course. and the mayor is calling for more orange during a rally outside city hall. she encouraged people to where orange and support of the birds. robbie joins us with more accurate course there's a banner out of city hall, saying good luck orioles. >> go! o-r-i-o-l-e-s! hundreds gathered to show support for the orioles. and tonight and new york city. the new banner, which hangs right in front of city hall. everyone is excited about the orioles. >> we are going to make it always starting with this year. [applause] >> how amazing has this month been? >> it reminds me of 1966 wh
is on a mission to educate people about urban farming and local food. >> we have basil, have veneras, oregano. >> it is an ordinary garden with one exception. it is in the back of a truck. >> it is interesting when we drive down the road. >> they are on a mission to educate kids and adults about gardening. >> you can throw something in anything. >> she first saw a truck farm in chicago. it is based on a documentary. >> i was so impressed by what it was, what it looked like and i said i really want to bring this to tampa. >> it took about a year to purchase the track, get the sponsor, and then ultimately plant the truck. one of those partners is chipo tle. >> it really goes with the way we want to transform food. >> next month, the truck farm goes to open their markets. >> it is only bringing fresh vegetables and is helping promote the education of growing food. >> to grow food, truck farm uses a special mesh bag to hold the soil. >> they also hold all the nutrients, retain all the water, but it is also made out of a mesh material were the water will drain through. >> she wants to take truck f
of second-degree assault and misconduct while in office. a local church is the subject of a lawsuit. three women claim sovereign brace ministries is part of a decades old child sex abuse and cover of scandal. they claim began back in 1980's. sovran -- sovereign grace ministries has several branches. no word on which branches are accused in the lawsuit. >> yesterday was nice and so far today is pretty nice too. we have had a few scattered clouds, but very comfortable temperatures. there is a friend over the great -- front over the great lakes that is throwing cold air in our direction. it is just coming into west virginia now. there is not much strong storm activity along that front right now. we will see how this all happens, but we have a few hours of nice weather left today before things start to happen. i will give you the timing on that and what happens as we go into the weekend in just a minute. >> baltimore county could face a second lawsuit in just one week. there are plans to file a class action lawsuit against city officials for what one man calls unfair practices in collecting wa
>> you are watching wbal tv 11. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon. police are searching for a peeping tom in howard county who has already victimized two women, capturing months of footage. jennifer franciotti has that story. >> police have the suspects in its caught on camera and they are hoping someone will recognize him. police want you to take a good look at this man. images were captured when he installed cameras inside bedrooms. >> he entered the apartment multiple times and each time capturing his own image on video. >> one of the victims called police immediately. no one seems to know how this man ended up getting inside their condo. >> the women have not been able to identify the suspect for us, and our investigators have done research into recent contractors and maintenance workworkers in e area. >> people who live in this community are concerned. >> that is obviously a little scary and it makes you
>> you are watching wbal tv 11 -- alive, local, late breaking, this is wbal news at noon. >> are big story this noon -- convicted child sex abuse or jerry sandusky will spend at least 30 years in prison. this was handed down by a judge this morning in belmont, pennsylvania. meantime, and overturned tractor trailer shut down a section of 95 or route 8:00 this morning on the tidings memorial bridge. when they arrived on the scene, police found the truck overturned along with another vehicle. a fuel spill happened after the truck flipped over and one person was hurt. no word on what led to the crash. 95 north remains shut down at this time. tiffany alston is accused of using campaign money for what expenses bridge was found guilty of misdemeanor theft of misconduct after she reportedly used state funding to pay employee of for law office. she found her license -- she lost her license to practice law in maryland about two weeks ago. another meeting will be held today for residents to address concerns regarding the city's proposal to pay parts of patterson park. the controvers
>> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking -- this is 11 news at noon. >> a deadly fire in northeast baltimore. five people reported killed, four of them children. a very tragic story. jennifer franciotti has been following the story all morning and has the latest. >> you can see the remains of this house behind me with debris on the deck. family members described a very dramatic scene, including a stepfather who had to jump for his life and a mother who had to throw her own baby out a window to safety. utter devastation for a family grieving the loss of four small children and their grandmother. the scene on that the 5600 block of denwood avenue was caught on cell phone video by a neighbor. he describes waking up to sirens and smoke. >> smoke, fire. you could see the fire coming out of the windows. the fire department was trying to get it out the best they can. >> 10 people were reportedly inside the house when it caught fire around 2:00 a.m. several had to jump from windows. >> she jumped out. >> with reports of children trapped inside, firefighters went to the se
>> and you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is a love "the news at noon". >> good afternoon and welcome. i'm sarah caldwell. a developing story out of north baltimore. two victims of that gunpoint at rowland's parker this morning. first a 19-year-old was robbed and attacked by three male suspects while riding his bicycle in the 4800 block. 10 minutes later, a 40-year-old woman was forced out of her car into gold colored sedan by the same three suspects. that was in upland rd. they drove her to an atm machine and withdrew money and left her at the corner of roland and upland. anyone with information is asked to call 911. new at noon, police in anne arundel county and charged a man with kidnapping and attempted murder after a abducted a woman last night. charles wayne rogers forcible entered a home in the 300 block of rose avenue and glencore are any of with a knife and a molotov cocktail. -- in glen bernie. he threw a molotov cocktail on the bed and forced the woman from the home. officers found a pair in the woods outside cochrane middle school and arrest
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